Everyone needs to keep watch on his money. As the shepherd keeps an eye on his flocks, everyone of us is the custodian of his money. In this role do we have a plan to ensure the accomplishment of our mission?

Each of us is the architect of his own destiny. Good control over money is an important aspect of life. All of us should be capable of wisely using his money for the common good, benefiting self, family and society. In reality, most people in all walks of life, leave things largely to chance, and grope in the dark.

In this booklet, I have attempted to relate my own experience on the subject, hence the title “My Home Budget”. It may be divided into 4 sections: Introductory, explanatory, exercises, and closing.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Think about it...

At the very least your effort would assist you in the attainment of financial stability and contribute to your general happiness. Admittedly it requires discipline, persistence, frugality, sacrifices and good habits. These are positive qualities that you need to face modern pitfalls, namely: over-spending, chronic borrowing, gambling, drugs and many others.
I like to think that one day in future, while having tea with someone you care for, you would tap the person on the shoulder and, oozing with confidence and vigor, utter the words "Excuse me, do you have a budget?”.

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